LumiSpa Review: 4 Years Later – Was It Worth It? 🤔💸

Let’s face it, finding the perfect skincare routine can be challenging. Having healthy and beautiful skin goes beyond using skincare products. It all begins with proper cleansing, which is often underestimated. Simply washing your face with water may not effectively remove dirt and impurities, and inadequate cleansing can lead to irritation and breakouts. This is where facial cleansing devices come into play. 

I’ve tried them all. From using a simple facial cleanser with my hands to fancy cleansing brushes like Clarisonic and silicone devices like Foreo Luna. Let’s just say, not all of them were kind to my skin.

In this article, I’ll be sharing my journey with LumiSpa over the past four years. And also talk about the recently updated version, LumiSpa iO. I’ll talk about my experiences, what I’ve learned, and the benefits of using this device. We’ll also explore its features and how it works.

Product overview

ageLOC LumiSpa iO

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Nu Skin ageLOC LumiSpa iO for normal skin type
  • Benefits: Deep cleanses, minimizes pores, reduces blemishes, promotes softness, smoothness, radiance.
  • Best Facial Cleansing Device (2019-2023)
  • Micro-Pulse Oscillation Technology
  • Smart Device (Personalized Treatments, Coaching, Progress Tracking, Reminders)
  • Waterproof (IPX7)
  • Medical-Grade Silver Infused Silicone
  • 5 Cleansers options
  • 3 Treatment Heads options
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My review of LumiSpa

I’ve been using my LumiSpa for more than 4 years and it’s still working well. The quality is really good, It looks and feels sturdy, reminiscent of Apple products

My LumiSpa and accessories, after 4 years of use.

It’s easy to use, just glide it on your face and it does all the work.

Since I started using it every day, my skincare routine has totally changed. I wouldn’t want to go back to harsh brushes

LumiSpa’s versatility allows me to customize my skincare routine effortlessly. The Firm head gives extra exfoliation. There are five cleansers for different skin types, so it’s flexible. To address specific issues like puffy eyes, simply switch to the Accent head and apply the IdeaEyes cream.

And I have to say, it works really well for taking off makeup without irritating or drying out my skin. It goes deep into the pores and cleans them thoroughly, leaving my skin clean, happy, and balanced.

Speaking of exfoliation, let me tell you a little secret. LumiSpa is different from other devices. It doesn’t harm your skin’s delicate microbiome. 

I didn’t have any breakouts from using the LumiSpa. If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, there are gentle heads and cleansers for you.

Using regular bristle brushes, such as the Clarisonic, can be too harsh. They can compromise your skin’s moisture barrier and cause breakouts. I know, I’ve been through it, and it wasn’t good

But with LumiSpa, you get deep cleansing without the unwanted side effects.

My experience with the new LumiSpa iO

The LumiSpa iO fixes the issues I had with the old LumiSpa, especially the charging and battery.

The updated build quality feels even sturdier when held. The device is also lighter now.

LumiSpa iO has a new battery that is lighter and lasts longer. The LumiSpa iO’s new battery prevents overcharging and device failure.

The LumiSpa iO now comes with a magnetic charger that you place on the device for charging.

It can also be had with a separate stand, which has no electrical parts. The LumiSpa iO can be stored in the bathroom without worrying about damage to the device or stand.

When you use the VERA app with the LumiSpa iO, it becomes a complete skincare experience. You can keep track of progress, customize treatments, and take selfies to track skin improvement. The app enables preset routines and offers personalized coaching for correct device usage.

The LumiSpa iO device is good and effective, even without using the smart features or the VERA app.

So even if I’m lazy and don’t use the app, I still get the same LumiSpa experience I’m used to.

LumiSpa Reviewed by my Dermatologist

Curious about LumiSpa’s impact on skin health, I handed it to my dermatologist for a review. To my relief, she gave it the nod of approval.

She’s never been a fan of cleansing brushes, especially the ones with sharp bristles like the Clarisonic. According to her, they can cause microtears in the skin.

The LumiSpa, however, with its silicone head, gets a pass. It’s gentle, doesn’t disturb the skin’s microbiome, and, as she noted after just one use, it made an immediate improvement in skin smoothness and softness and also that it cleaned the skin and pores very effectively.

After my dermatologist reviewed the Lumispa, surprisingly, there were no negatives. This is quite a rarity in her critiques.

LumiSpa Side Effects

After over 4 years of using LumiSpa, I can confidently say I’ve had no side effects—no negative reactions, no breakouts. The key is to follow recommendations and use the original LumiSpa cleanser designed for your skin type. Using lower quality cleansers without the right cushioning and viscosity may lead to over-exfoliation and potential problems. However, when used correctly, you won’t encounter any side effects.

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LumiSpa iO + CleanserDeep cleanses, minimizes pores, reduces blemishes, promotes softness, removes makeup

LumiSpa Benefits

LumiSpa cleanses the skin, removes makeup, dirt, oil, and impurities, and exfoliates dead skin cells. It effectively reduces blemishes, minimizes pores, and enhances smoothness and radiance. The device gives a relaxing massage that reduces skin stress and boosts skin protein production. This leads to more volume and density.

What I’ve experienced:

Deep cleanse: LumiSpa provides a deep cleanse like no other at-home device I’ve tried. It easily removes dirt and leaves my skin feeling very clean and refreshed.

Gentle: LumiSpa’s silicone head is gentle and soothing, unlike harsh bristle brushes I’ve used before. It doesn’t irritate my skin.

Easy to clean: I just pop out the head, rinse it with water, and let it dry. And guess what? The device itself is waterproof, so I can easily give it a good rinse too.

Minimize the appearance of pores: I’ve seen my pores look smaller after using this product for a while. LumiSpa’s cleansing action is thorough and helps minimize pores due to its beneficial movement.

Smoothness:  Prepare yourself for the softest skin you’ve ever felt. Seriously, I couldn’t resist touching my face all the time because it felt incredibly smooth (I restrained myself… most of the time).

Massage: The movements of the device’s head create a soothing massage-like sensation. It’s the perfect way to unwind and take care of my skin simultaneously.

Skin renewal: I love how it gently removes old, tired skin, revealing a fresh, youthful glow.

Refreshed look: Even after a night of binge-watching Netflix, it made me look refreshed and well-rested.

Helps with acne: LumiSpa has helped my acne-prone skin, although it can’t perform miracles. The way it moves helps to get rid of acne and fade acne scars.

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What is LumiSpa?

LumiSpa iO is a smart device for deep cleansing and treating your skin in just 2 minutes. It’s water-resistant and rechargeable. LumiSpa iO uses Micropulse Oscillation to remove dirt, makeup, pollutants, and toxins without damaging your skin.

What sets LumiSpa iO apart is its dual-action functionality. It offers both Skin Renewal treatment and Cleansing capabilities.

When you use the device, it helps remove dead skin cells and supports healthy skin proteins. This leads to brighter, smoother skin with more volume and density. At the same time, it cleans your skin by removing dirt, oil, and makeup, and minimizes pores with its frequency.

LumiSpa iO is convenient because it brings the spa experience to your home. YYou can get a deep cleanse and renew your skin without changing out of your pajamas.

How does the LumiSpa work?

Micropulse Oscillation technology
Micropulse Oscillation technology

The LumiSpa device has an inner and outer circle on its head that moves back and forth in opposite directions. This pulsing, counter-oscillating motion of 15 Hz creates a gentle suction-like action, which helps to clear out the pores. Removing dirt, oil, and other impurities, promotes deep cleansing and improves the health of your skin.

The device’s motion can stimulates the skin, improving blood circulation and encouraging the production of essential proteins like collagen and elastin.

These essential proteins are responsible for maintaining a firm and youthful complexion. 

Think of it as a natural workout for your skin, helping it stay plump, firm, and supple.

The LumiSpa improves skin texture, firmness, and tone by enhancing skin protein production. It can also contribute to reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

The LumiSpa’s suction-like action can help with blemishes by cleansing the skin and clearing out clogged pores.

Acne and blackheads can form when pores get clogged with oil, dirt, and dead skin cells. 

In a study, LumiSpa iO showed reduction in blemishes, with up to a 71% decrease observed within just 12 weeks.

LumiSpa’s motion effectively draws out these impurities, reducing the likelihood of clogged pores and breakouts. Keeping your pores clear and your skin clean, promotes a healthier complexion and helps prevent the formation of new blemishes.

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LumiSpa iO + CleanserDeep cleanses, minimizes pores, reduces blemishes, promotes softness, removes makeup

LumiSpa Head

LumiSpa has a soft silicone treatment head that is gentle on the skin. It doesn’t damage or lift skin cells like devices with rough bristle brushes. The silicone head has tiny silver particles inside, so it’s antimicrobial, antibacterial, and easy to clean. Just rinse and dry it well.

The unique design and movement of the head draw out dirt, oil, makeup, and pollutants without irritating the skin.

The LumiSpa comes with a Normal head but you can change it to a Sensitive or Firm head. The heads have different designs and silicone firmness for various skin types. It is customizable to your unique skin care needs. You can change it as your needs change.

The new LumiSpa iO Heads have sensors (NFC) that let the device know which treatment head is being used. They also keep track of how much the silicone head has been used. The app tells you when it’s time to replace it. They are easy to install, replace, and easy to clean.

The LumiSpa isn’t just limited to its normal cleansing duties.

To address dark circles, undereye bags, and puffiness, switch the cleansing head with the LumiSpa Accent Head and use it with the IdealEyes cream. The LumiSpa iO device adjusts treatment time when it recognizes the Accent head. This shows how versatile it is for different skincare options. It does more than just cleanse.


LumiSpa offers 5 cleansers to match different skin types: normal/combo, oily, dry, sensitive, and acne-prone. These cleansers are made to work well with your LumiSpa device. They help you cleanse effectively with a smooth glide and gentle grip.

I began using the acne cleanser because I liked its foamy gel texture and fragrance-free formula. Since I’ve cleared up my blemishes, I started using the Normal cleanser. It keeps my skin moisturized and feels luxurious.

These cleansers are made to give your skin the right amount of cushioning, deep cleaning, and effective cleansing. Their mild foam formula cleans your skin gently and keeps its natural moisture balance.

In addition, these cleansers have Nu Skin’s special ageLOC ingredient blend. This blend targets the main causes of aging and helps keep you looking young.

For those battling acne, LumiSpa offers the ageLOC LumiSpa Blemish Serum. It’s clinically proven to clear pores, manage acne, and transform your skin’s appearance.

If acne is a concern for you, LumiSpa has got you covered with their ageLOC LumiSpa Blemish Serum. This serum is clinically proven to clear pores, manage acne, and visibly transform your skin’s appearance.


Inteligent Sensors: LumiSpa has built-in sensors to safeguard your skin. These sensors detect excessive pressure, harsh scrubbing, or rapid movements. The device pauses and vibrates to alert you when it senses incorrect usage, preventing potential skin damage.

Guided Timing: The device has 4 lights at the back, indicating different face sections that last 30 seconds each. LumiSpa slows down briefly when it’s time to move to the next section, ensuring a thorough cleanse without needing to remember timing.

Waterproof: LumiSpa’s design is waterproof with an IPX7 rating. This allows for convenient usage in the shower and easy cleaning under running water. The LumiSpa iO has an  enhanced button seal, stronger seams to improve waterproofness. This design provides peace of mind, allowing worry-free use and maintenance.

Micropulse Oscillation Technology: LumiSpa’s special technology removes dirt, oil, makeup, and pollutants. It cleanses pores gently and doesn’t irritate the skin. It helps maintain healthy skin. It also promotes skin renewal, improving brightness, texture, and pore appearance.

Smart Treatment Head Recognition: The device’s smart sensors recognize the treatment head attached. They alert you when it’s time for replacement. This ensures optimal performance.

Bluetooth Connectivity: The LumiSpa iO works with the Nu Skin Vera app. It helps personalize treatments and provides intelligent coaching. You can also earn awards and track your skincare journey with a selfie timeline.

LumiSpa iO has advanced features and intelligent technology. It optimizes your skincare routine and provides personalized cleansing. The experience is effective and tailored to your needs.

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LumiSpa iO + CleanserDeep cleanses, minimizes pores, reduces blemishes, promotes softness, removes makeup


Synchronized Treatments: The app provides synchronized treatments and step-by-step videos to guide you towards achieving youthful and healthy-looking skin.

Intelligent Guidance: With smart sensors and the connected app, you receive intelligent guidance on treatment pressure, movement, and coverage, ensuring you use the device correctly for optimal results.

Personalized Treatments: You can send and save personalized treatments from your phone to your device using the app. You also have the flexibility to create your own treatment by adjusting the time and focusing on specific facial areas.

Personalized Product Recommendations: The app offers personalized product recommendations tailored to your skincare goals, helping you choose the right products for your specific needs.

Skin Progress Tracking: Track your skin’s progress over time through the selfie timeline feature. You can see fast results from week-to-week or month-to-month, allowing you to monitor the improvements in your skin’s appearance.

Easy Reordering: The app makes it easy to reorder your favorite treatment head and activating cleansers, ensuring you always have them on hand for your skincare routine.

Usage Trends and Insights: Gain insights into your skincare routine with usage trends and receive awards that motivate and keep you on track with your beauty goals.

Ongoing Optimization: Enjoy continuous optimization through both app and device updates, ensuring you have access to the latest features and enhancements for an improved skincare experience.

The Vera app complements the LumiSpa iO device by providing personalized guidance, tracking progress, and offering convenience in managing your skincare routine.

Customer Reviews of LumiSpa

The ageLOC LumiSpa has garnered predominantly positive reviews from its satisfied customers. Users have praised its remarkable effectiveness in cleansing the skin and enhancing its overall appearance. Many have specifically highlighted the device’s gentle nature, emphasizing that it surpasses other facial cleansing devices, such as the Clarisonic, in terms of gentleness.

While a few customers have encountered issues related to the charger or battery of the LumiSpa, it’s important to note that the company has diligently addressed these concerns in the newer generation of the device. For instance, the LumiSpa iO now features a convenient magnetic charger, addressing previous inconveniences.

We understand that customers on various platforms have expressed difficulties with returns. However, we recommend purchasing the LumiSpa directly from our official link. This ensures that you benefit from a product warranty and have access to our dedicated customer support team, who will promptly assist you with any issues that may arise.

Overall, the ageLOC LumiSpa has consistently received positive feedback from customers who have witnessed remarkable improvements in the smoothness, radiance, and clarity of their skin after incorporating the device into their skincare routine. Its ability to minimize the appearance of pores, fine lines, and uneven skin tone has also been highly praised, contributing to a more youthful and radiant complexion.

LumiSpa vs Other Cleansing Devices

The LumiSpa is more gentle on the skin compared to other cleansing devices. Many Customers, including myself, have noticed that alternative products such as the Clarisonic or Clinique Sonic, which use bristle brushes, can be rough and harsh. However, the Foreo Luna, known for its gentle nature, may not provide the same deep cleaning and exfoliation.

Curious to see how the ageLOC LumiSpa measures up against the Foreo Luna? Read our article Lumispa vs Foreo Luna to discover the differences between these two devices.

The LumiSpa uses Micro-pulse Oscillation technology to stimulate the skin at a cellular level, promoting visible skin renewal and improved texture. It can also be used with the ageLOC LumiSpa Accent attachment and IdealEyes Cream for targeted treatment around the eyes, reducing the appearance of eye bags, puffiness, and dark circles.

Its soft silicone treatment heads, embedded with antimicrobial silver, make the LumiSpa more hygienic than other cleansing devices with traditional bristle heads. This makes it a safer and more convenient choice for daily use.

In summary, the ageLOC LumiSpa is an effective and gentle cleansing device with unique features that make it stand out. If you’re looking to improve the health and appearance of your skin, the LumiSpa is worth considering.

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LumiSpa iO + CleanserDeep cleanses, minimizes pores, reduces blemishes, promotes softness, removes makeup

LumiSpa iO vs LumiSpa

FeaturesLumiSpaLumiSpa iO
Skincare Routine1 preset skin care routineUp to 3 Customized Routines
Front LED2 colours9 colours for synchronised routines
Back LEDNO4 Indicating Lights
ChargingStandard Electrical Contact power baseMagnetic Charger
BatteryNickel-metal hydride batteryLithium battery (equally powerful but physically lighter)
Treatment time2 MinutesCustomized Duration
Waterproof RatingIPX6 (Can resist high-pressure, heavy sprays of water)IPX7 (Can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes)
App ConnectivityNOYES
Treatment Head RecognitionNOYES (recognizes treatment head or Accent head and adjusts treatment time)
Treatment Head Replacement ReminderNOIn app notification
Skin Progress TrackingNOYES
Before & After ComparisonNOYES (In app)
Intelligent CoachingNOPersonalized guidance (In app)

LumiSpa iO updates

The LumiSpa iO features an upgraded motor for improved performance. This enhances the cleansing experience and increases durability over time. The device has an improved button seal and stronger seams. It also has a new battery and charging system. Additionally, it has a metal hex nut for a secure treatment head connection.

LumiSpa iO has (NFC) sensors that recognize the treatment head. It keeps track of silicone head usage. The app provides details on when to replace it.

The device now has Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to pair it with your smartphone and Vera application.

Where to buy LumiSpa

For the best deal on the LumiSpa, make sure to purchase it using the button below. You’ll enjoy an exclusive discount of nearly 20% off the regular price.

When you buy from our link, you get an authentic product. The product comes with a warranty, giving you peace of mind. You also receive support if any issues come up. Plus, you get the best price.

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LumiSpa iO + CleanserDeep cleanses, minimizes pores, reduces blemishes, promotes softness, removes makeup

Save 15%

LumiSpa iO + Blemish Serum (for acne skin) This twice-daily system helps combat acne, revealing the clear complexion you deserve!

Caution: Avoid purchasing LumiSpa from unauthorized sellers on platforms like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy. No manufacturer support and warranty coverage. Nu Skin does not authorize the sale of its products on these platforms, increasing the risk of receiving refurbished or damaged devices. Refund policies may not apply to purchases made outside of authorized channels. For a genuine product and reliable customer support, buy directly from Nu Skin’s website through our provided link.

Pros and cons of LumiSpa:


  • Deep cleansing: LumiSpa goes the extra mile in giving your skin a thorough cleanse.
  • Gentle: It’s gentle on the skin, ensuring a comfortable and non-irritating cleansing routine.
  • Makeup removal: Effortlessly removes makeup
  • Easy to clean: The device is easy to clean and maintain. Just rinse it with water, and let it dry
  • Hygienic: Antimicrobial Medical-Grade Silver Infused Silicone
  • Waterproof: Take your skincare routine to the shower without worrying about water damage.
  • Great value: LumiSpa offers great value for its performance and features, making it a worthwhile investment.


  • Stand: The stand is not included in the box.

The older LumiSpa had a couple of issues that have been fixed in the new LumiSpa iO device.

Charging base was not waterproof: (Issue addressed in the latest update) 

The old charging base wasn’t waterproof, which meant you had to be careful around water to avoid damage. It could rust, leading to problems like not charging or, worse, causing a short circuit and burning the device. Nu Skin tried to improve it with a mid-life update, but it wasn’t a big success.

Now, with the LumiSpa iO, the magnetic charger is waterproof (IPX4 rating), protecting it from splashes during workouts or light rain. You just place the charger on the device, wait for the magnets to align, and a green light signals it’s charging. While it’s recommended to dry the device before charging, this upgrade resolves the previous issues.

The charging cable has a USB plug, allowing you to use different wall adaptors and eliminating the need for the old proprietary wall charger when traveling. It’s a small and convenient change.

Battery performance: (Issue addressed in the latest update) 

The old LumiSpa had a battery problem due to its outdated Nickel-metal hydride battery. Leaving it empty for a long time, not using it, or overcharging could affect the battery, leading to a non-starting device. This resulted in a major recall, and if in warranty, Nu Skin would replace your device. Some users experienced these battery issues.

With the LumiSpa iO, this problem is solved. It now uses a Lithium battery, similar to what’s used in smartphones. This new battery technology offers a longer lifespan, is lighter, and holds a charge for more extended periods. You won’t face the same battery problems as before, and it’s a significant improvement.


In my 4-year journey with LumiSpa, it has proven to be a durable and reliable companion. Its gentle cleansing and innovative features have made a noticeable difference in the appearance and feel of my skin.

On the other hand, the LumiSpa iO represents an upgrade from the previous model, addressing past issues and introducing smart features for an enhanced skincare experience. If you already own the old LumiSpa and don’t require the smart features, it may not be necessary to upgrade. However, if you’re in the market for a new device, the LumiSpa iO is the better choice.

Its advanced technology, including the smart sensors, app connectivity, and personalized treatments, elevates the skincare routine to a new level. When considering a cleansing device, LumiSpa’s effectiveness, reliability, and unique features make it a worthwhile investment.

Nu Skin ageLOC LumiSpa iO for normal skin type

ageLOC LumiSpa iO

Deep cleanses, minimizes pores, reduces blemishes, promotes softness, removes makeup

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, LumiSpa is effective! Experience results like 37% smoother and softer skin after a single use, 2X visibly cleaner skin after 12 weeks, 62% more radiance after 12 weeks, 54% reduced appearance of pores, clearer and brighter skin, and a remarkable 78% improvement in skin firmness.

Yes, the LumiSpa is beneficial for wrinkles. Its unique Micropulse Oscillation motion stimulates the skin, boosting blood circulation and thus promoting the production of vital proteins like collagen and elastin. By enhancing the production of these proteins, the LumiSpa may help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, revitalizing your skin for a more youthful look.

LumiSpa’s soft silicone head with antimicrobial silver ensures a hygienic and safe cleansing experience. It promotes skin renewal, revealing smoother, softer skin. The gentle, pore-purifying action cleanses deeply, reducing pore appearance. LumiSpa is microbiome-friendly, respecting skin pH and preserving the natural moisture barrier. Suitable for all skin types, it’s especially beneficial for acne skin.

Yes, you can use LumiSpa every day. Unlike harsh exfoliation methods, LumiSpa is gentle and safe for daily use. It provides gentle exfoliation while respecting skin pH and preserving the natural moisture barrier, making it suitable for daily use in your skincare routine.

Yes, LumiSpa may increase collagen. The device’s motion stimulates the skin, improving blood circulation and encouraging the production of essential proteins like collagen, promoting a firm and youthful complexion.

Yes, LumiSpa helps with under-eye bags. When used with the LumiSpa Accent head and the Ideal Eye cream, it freshens, brightens, and hydrates eyes in just one minute. It minimizes the appearance of dark circles, puffy eyes, under-eye bags, and tired skin while promoting radiance. It also visibly lifts and firms the eyelids.

Yes, LumiSpa helps tighten skin. Its motion stimulates the skin, improving blood circulation and promoting the production of essential proteins like collagen and elastin. By enhancing the production of these proteins, LumiSpa enhances the texture, firmness, and tone of the skin

The 7 benefits of LumiSpa include visible skin renewal, smoothness, radiance, a refreshed look, purified skin, minimized pores, and increased skin volume and density.

LumiSpa stands out from other cleansing devices with its gentle silicone treatment head embedded with silver particles for antimicrobial properties. It utilizes Micropulse Oscillation technology for effective skin stimulation and renewal. With dual-action capabilities, LumiSpa provides simultaneous skin-perfecting treatment and deep cleansing. Its unique pulsing, counter-oscillating motion clears pores with a gentle suction-like action.

Using the LumiSpa with just water is not recommended. The device is designed to be used with the LumiSpa Activating Cleanser, which has the ideal viscosity and texture for the Micropulse Oscillation motion. This ensures effective cleansing without irritating or damaging the skin.

Using LumiSpa with your own cleanser is not recommended. The ageLOC LumiSpa Activating Cleansers are specifically formulated and tested to deliver the full benefits of the system. Other cleansers may have incorrect viscosity, leading to inadequate results, potential skin irritation, and damage to the silicone head. Stick to the approved cleansers for optimal performance and skin health.

Yes, it is recommended to replace the LumiSpa silicone head every 3 months. Daily usage can cause wear and tear on the silicone, and the plastic parts can also be affected by regular removal of the head from the device. Regular replacement ensures optimal performance and hygiene.

Yes, LumiSpa can help remove blackheads. Its micropulse oscillation technology creates a gentle suction-like action that cleanses the skin and clears out clogged pores, removing dirt, oil, and impurities for deep cleansing and improved skin health.

Use ageLOC LumiSpa Activating Cleanser with your LumiSpa device. It provides the necessary grip and cushion for effective and gentle cleansing, leaving your skin smooth, soft, and youthful-looking.

No, it is not recommended to share your LumiSpa device or its silicone head and tips with others, despite the antimicrobial silver infusion.

No, LumiSpa does not cause breakouts. In fact, it can help with acne, blemishes, and blackheads by effectively clearing and minimizing pores.

Yes, LumiSpa helps with acne by effectively cleansing the skin, clearing out clogged pores, and reducing the likelihood of breakouts. When used with the Acne Cleanser, its motion, and technology contribute to deep cleansing and improved skin health.

Yes, LumiSpa gently exfoliates and cleanses the skin with its Micropulse Oscillation technology

Yes, LumiSpa is rechargeable with a battery life of 7-10 uses and can be fully recharged in approximately 12 hours.

No, LumiSpa does not damage the skin. Its gentle silicone treatment head ensures a deep cleanse without causing harm or lifting skin cells.

The LumiSpa vibrates to alert you when you’re using excessive pressure or incorrect movements. It has built-in sensors to prevent potential skin damage and guide you toward optimal usage.

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