TheraFace PRO Review: All-in-One Device – Too Good to Be True?

TheraBody has launched a game-changer for facial health—the TheraFace Pro. It’s their inaugural facial health device designed to relieve tension and relax those facial muscles. Now, it’s not just any device; it’s an FDA-approved type 2 medical gadget with eight tools packed into one sleek package.

They’ve got some compelling stats too. In a 12-week study with 35 participants (I know, not the biggest sample size), 94% reported improved skin, 89% saw a reduction in wrinkles, and the same percentage felt their skin was rejuvenated. Impressive, right?

But, is the TheraFace PRO the ultimate skincare companion, or does it fall short of the hype? Let’s delve into the details and uncover the truth in this comprehensive review.”


The device is compact, measuring only six inches. It’s got rose gold emblems, the TheraBody logo, and a handy QR code for registration on the back. The interface boasts a power button, a circle button, a three-wave icon button, and a small LED screen. On the bottom, there’s a USB-C port for charging, and a couple of connection points for attachments.


Speaking of attachments, this thing is an all-in-one marvel. You’ve got percussive therapy, microcurrent therapy, red and blue light therapy, a cleansing ring, and the option to add a hot or cold ring. Phew, that’s a lot! And it’s all magnetically attached, making it a breeze to switch between functions.

Let’s break it down:

  • Percussive Therapy: Perfect for relieving tension in your face, jaw, neck, and head. Three speed options, gentle and soothing.
  • Microcurrent Therapy: This attachment, with its metallic balls, aims to firm and tighten the skin, working on muscle tone. It uses a low-level current, so no shocks here!
  • LED Light Ring: Three modes—red light for reducing wrinkles, blue light for acne, and red with infrared for a dual action. Proximity sensor included for optimal use.
  • Cleansing Ring: A unique attachment to wash your face. It vibrates to enhance the removal of dead skin. Perfect for a gentle facial massage.
  • Hot Ring: The heat lovers will appreciate this one. Three temperature settings to reduce tension and increase blood flow. Great for a relaxing session.
  • Cold Ring: The perfect remedy for under-eye puffiness. Three cooling settings for reducing inflammation and muscle spasm. Refreshing!

With a two-hour battery life, it’s got you covered for a thorough pampering session. And, it’s USB-C, which we all love for its fast charging.

Pricing sits at $299 for the standard package and an additional $69 for the hot and cold ring attachments. Not exactly budget-friendly, but considering the range of treatments it offers, it might just be worth the investment for a spa-like experience at home.


  • User-Friendly Interface: The device’s backside hosts a user-friendly interface – a power button, a circle button, a three-wave icon button, and a small LED screen. Intuitive controls make it easy to navigate through the various functions and settings.
  • Magnetic Attachment System: Swapping between attachments has never been smoother. The magnetic connection points make attaching and detaching components a seamless process. It’s not just efficient; it’s a design choice that enhances user experience.
  • Proximity Sensor: The TheraFace Pro incorporates a proximity sensor, ensuring that certain functions activate only when in close contact with the skin. This smart feature optimizes the effectiveness of treatments and ensures a safe user experience.
  • USB-C Charging: Embracing modern convenience, the TheraFace Pro comes with a USB-C port for charging. With a two-hour battery life, it’s ready to accompany you through your skincare sessions without frequent charging interruptions.
  • Compact and Elegant Design: Beyond its technical prowess, the TheraFace Pro boasts a sleek and elegant design. Measuring just six inches, it fits comfortably in your hand, and the rose gold emblems add a touch of sophistication. The neoprene case, branded with the TheraBody logo, complements the overall aesthetic, making it a device you’d proudly display.

Percussive Therapy

The Mechanics:

The TheraFace Pro employs a small shaft with a three-millimeter stroke length to create rhythmic percussions. While traditional massage guns may have longer strokes, this compact yet deliberate movement is tailored specifically for the delicate facial muscles. It’s not about force; it’s about finesse.

Attachment Variety:

To cater to diverse facial needs, the TheraFace Pro comes equipped with three distinct percussive therapy attachments – the flathead, micro point, and cone. Each attachment serves a unique purpose, allowing users to customize their experience based on individual preferences and targeted areas.

  • Flathead Attachment: This attachment, with its soft and air-pouched design, provides a comforting touch. Ideal for a gentle massage, it’s perfect for overall facial relaxation and tension relief.
  • Micro Point Attachment: Featuring a multitude of soft rubber pyramids, this attachment offers a more intricate massage experience. It’s designed for precise applications, addressing specific points on the face with a nuanced touch.
  • Cone Attachment: With a soft and yielding structure, the cone attachment allows for focused massage on smaller facial areas. It’s an excellent choice for pinpointing tension in specific regions.

Benefits of Percussive Therapy:

  • Tension Relief: The TheraFace Pro’s percussive therapy is crafted to ease tension in facial muscles, jaw, neck, and head. It’s a gentle yet effective approach to alleviate stress and promote relaxation.
  • Improved Blood Circulation: The rhythmic percussion stimulates blood flow, bringing a surge of oxygen and nutrients to the facial tissues. This boost in circulation contributes to a healthier complexion and a radiant glow.
  • Reduction of Minor Facial Muscle Pain: Whether it’s the result of daily stress or occasional discomfort, the TheraFace Pro aims to be a reliable companion in reducing minor facial muscle pain. The targeted percussive therapy aids in soothing sore areas.
  • Versatility in Use: From addressing TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) issues to gently massaging away the effects of teeth grinding, the TheraFace Pro’s percussive therapy is versatile, offering relief for various facial concerns.

Operating the percussive therapy feature is intuitive. A simple press and hold of the power button followed by selecting the desired speed with the three-wave icon button initiates the rhythmic percussions. With three speed settings (1,750, 2,100, and 2,400 percussions per minute), users have the flexibility to choose the intensity that suits their comfort level.

Microcurrent Therapy

Tthe TheraFace Pro introduces a sophisticated dimension with its microcurrent therapy feature. This cutting-edge technology takes inspiration from the world of aesthetics and brings forth a gentle yet impactful method for facial toning and rejuvenation.

Let’s explore the nuances of microcurrent therapy and how the TheraFace Pro seamlessly integrates this into its repertoire of features:

Understanding Microcurrents:

Microcurrent therapy involves the delivery of low-level electrical currents, often imperceptible to the user. In the case of the TheraFace Pro, this gentle current is carefully harnessed to stimulate facial muscles, promoting muscle tone and overall skin vitality.

Unlike more intense electrical treatments, microcurrent therapy operates at a level that mirrors the body’s natural electrical frequencies.


The TheraFace Pro’s microcurrent therapy attachment, known as the microcurrent ring, embodies simplicity with a purpose.

Its design features two non-moving metal balls, which serve as the conduits for the microcurrents. When applied to the skin, these metal surfaces deliver the subtle electrical impulses required for the therapy.

Benefits of Microcurrent Therapy:

  • Facial Firming and Tightening: At its core, microcurrent therapy aims to enhance muscle tone, providing a non-invasive method for facial lifting and tightening. Regular use of this feature contributes to a more youthful and sculpted appearance.
  • Improvement of Muscle Tone: By stimulating the underlying facial muscles, microcurrent therapy encourages them to regain vitality and resilience. This not only contributes to a firmer look but also aids in preventing sagging over time.
  • Enhanced Absorption of Skincare Products: The microcurrents facilitate improved absorption of skincare products. This means that when applied in conjunction with your favorite serums or moisturizers, the microcurrent therapy maximizes their effectiveness, ensuring that your skin reaps the full benefits of these products.

Application and Sensation:

Using the microcurrent therapy feature is a straightforward process. Following the attachment of the microcurrent ring, users simply press and hold the power button to activate the device.

The three-speed levels (indicated by one, two, or three on the LED screen) provide flexibility in choosing the intensity of the microcurrent therapy.

During application, users may experience a subtle, almost tickling sensation. This sensation is indicative of the gentle electrical currents working their magic beneath the skin’s surface. It’s a sensation that is neither intrusive nor uncomfortable, reinforcing the TheraFace Pro’s commitment to providing a pleasant user experience.

LED Light Ring

The TheraFace Pro introduces a radiant solution with its LED light ring feature. This innovative technology harnesses the power of light to address various skincare concerns and enhance the overall health and appearance of your skin. Let’s unravel the brilliance of the LED light ring and discover how it contributes to the TheraFace Pro’s multifaceted approach to facial well-being:

Tri-Modal Illumination:

The LED light ring is not a singular light source; rather, it offers a tri-modal illumination system with distinct wavelengths targeting specific skincare objectives. Within this luminary trio, the TheraFace Pro unveils the power of red light, blue light, and a combination of red and infrared light.

  • Red Light: The red light component is a versatile ally in the pursuit of youthful skin. Its primary role is to reduce wrinkles, particularly around the delicate eye area. The soothing glow of red light penetrates the skin’s surface, stimulating cellular activity and promoting a more resilient complexion.
  • Blue Light: When it comes to addressing mild to moderate acne, the blue light takes center stage. This component is designed to combat acne-causing bacteria, offering a gentle yet effective approach to managing skin blemishes. The blue light’s targeted action supports clearer, healthier-looking skin.
  • Red and Infrared Light: The combination of red and infrared light introduces a dual-action approach. While the red light continues its mission to reduce wrinkles around the eyes, the infrared light provides additional benefits. This particular wavelength is known for its potential to reduce pain and promote skin rejuvenation, offering a comprehensive solution for various skincare needs.

Proximity Sensor Precision:

The TheraFace Pro’s LED light ring incorporates a proximity sensor, adding an element of precision to its functionality. The sensor ensures that the light activation is optimized when the device is in close proximity to the skin. This not only enhances the effectiveness of the treatment but also conserves energy, creating an efficient and user-friendly experience.

Application and Experience:

Activating the LED light ring is a seamless process. Users press and hold the power button, cycling through the different light modes by using the center button. As the LED lights come to life, the TheraFace Pro emits a gentle beep, indicating that the proximity sensor is ready to optimize the light therapy.

During application, the LED light ring offers a calming and non-intrusive experience. The proximity sensor ensures that the therapeutic effects are concentrated precisely where needed, whether it’s reducing wrinkles, addressing acne, or promoting overall skin rejuvenation. Users can confidently integrate this feature into their skincare routines, enjoying the benefits of targeted light therapy.

Cleansing Ring

At the heart of the Cleansing Ring lies a thoughtful design that combines functionality with efficacy. Resembling a brush with delicate bristles, the cleansing attachment features a circular configuration that optimizes contact with the skin. This circular pattern enhances the cleansing process, ensuring that dirt, oil, and impurities are effectively lifted away from the skin’s surface.

Dual Action: Percussion and Cleansing:

What sets the Cleansing Ring apart is its dual functionality. While the gentle bristles work to cleanse the skin, the attachment incorporates a percussion feature, adding a subtle massaging element to the cleansing ritual. The pulsating action enhances the removal of dead skin cells, promoting a radiant complexion and preparing the skin for subsequent treatments.

Versatility in Product Compatibility:

The Cleansing Ring is versatile in its compatibility with various skincare products. Whether you prefer a foaming cleanser, a cream-based formula, or a gel cleanser, the attachment accommodates different textures without compromising its efficacy. This adaptability allows users to personalize their cleansing routine, aligning with their unique skin needs and preferences.

User-Friendly Operation:

Operating the Cleansing Ring is a straightforward process, mirroring the TheraFace Pro’s commitment to user-friendly design. Users attach the cleansing ring magnetically, securing it in place for a stable and controlled experience. Once attached, activating the percussion and cleansing features is achieved through a simple press of the power button, empowering users to seamlessly integrate this feature into their skincare regimen.

Benefits of the Cleansing Ring:

  • Effective Removal of Impurities: The gentle yet thorough cleansing action of the ring ensures the removal of accumulated dirt, oil, and impurities from the skin’s surface.
  • Enhanced Circulation: The percussion feature promotes increased blood circulation, contributing to a vibrant and healthy complexion.
  • Preparation for Subsequent Treatments: By preparing the skin through effective cleansing, the Cleansing Ring sets the stage for the optimal absorption of subsequent skincare products, maximizing their benefits.

Hot and Cold Rings

The TheraFace Pro introduces a transformative duo – the Hot and Cold Rings. Designed to harness the power of dynamic temperature control, these attachments elevate your skincare routine by offering soothing and targeted thermal therapy. Let’s explore the unique features and benefits of the Hot and Cold Rings, unveiling a new dimension in facial care:

Hot Ring

The Hot Ring, a testament to the TheraFace Pro’s commitment to holistic skincare, is a source of therapeutic warmth that goes beyond surface-level pampering. Here’s a closer look at its features:


With three distinct temperature settings, the Hot Ring provides a customizable warmth experience. Users can choose from 95, 102, and 109 degrees Fahrenheit, tailoring the thermal therapy to their comfort and skincare needs.

Tension Reduction and Blood Circulation:

The gentle warmth emitted by the Hot Ring serves a dual purpose – reducing tension in facial muscles and promoting enhanced blood circulation. As the warmth permeates the skin, it helps relax facial muscles, making it an ideal companion for alleviating stress and promoting a calming skincare ritual.

Application with Serums and Moisturizers:

The Hot Ring complements its thermal therapy with versatility. Users can apply their favorite serums or moisturizers alongside the warmth, creating a synergistic effect that aids in the absorption of skincare products. This enhances the overall effectiveness of your skincare routine, ensuring that the benefits penetrate deeply into the skin.

Cold Ring

In contrast to the comforting warmth of the Hot Ring, the Cold Ring introduces a refreshing and invigorating element to the TheraFace Pro’s skincare repertoire:


The Cold Ring offers three cooling temperature options – 65, 71, and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. This cooling sensation provides relief, making it an ideal choice for addressing under-eye puffiness, reducing inflammation, and soothing the skin after exposure to environmental stressors.

Under-Eye Puffiness and Inflammation Reduction:

A key benefit of the Cold Ring is its efficacy in reducing under-eye puffiness and inflammation. The cooling effect helps constrict blood vessels, minimizing swelling and revitalizing the delicate skin around the eyes. This makes the Cold Ring a go-to solution for a refreshed and awakened look.

Dual Functionality with Percussion:

Similar to its Hot counterpart, the Cold Ring seamlessly integrates with the TheraFace Pro’s percussion feature. Users can enjoy the simultaneous benefits of cooling therapy and gentle massaging percussion, creating a multi-sensory and rejuvenating skincare experience.

The Hot and Cold Rings not only offer individualized temperature control but also embody the TheraFace Pro’s dedication to providing a comprehensive skincare solution. As a harmonious duo, they empower users to tailor their skincare routine based on their preferences and unique skin needs.

The TheraFace Pro’s Hot and Cold Rings redefine the skincare experience, transforming daily rituals into therapeutic journeys. Whether you seek the soothing embrace of warmth or the invigorating chill of coolness, these attachments offer a dynamic and personalized approach to facial care. As the Hot and Cold Rings become integral to your skincare routine, they illuminate a path to radiant, revitalized, and well-nurtured skin.


In the ever-evolving landscape of skincare technology, the TheraFace Pro emerges as a groundbreaking and all-encompassing solution for those seeking a holistic approach to facial care. This comprehensive review has delved into the myriad features and innovations that define this cutting-edge device, showcasing its prowess in the realm of percussive therapy, microcurrent therapy, LED light therapy, and dynamic temperature control.

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