Size: 30 Capsules


Nu Skin Ai/E10 is the ultimate immune support solution! Boost your body’s defenses with this purified whey extract packed with low molecular weight molecules. Experience enhanced immune cell communication and protection against health issues. Our research-backed formula, infused with antigen-infused bovine colostrum, offers unprecedented benefits. Get additional cytokines, memory transfer factors, and more for optimal well-being. Elevate your immune system with Nu Skin Ai/E10’s concentrated goodness!

Nu Skin Ai/E10

Nu Skin Ai/E10 is a groundbreaking immune-boosting supplement designed to revolutionize your well-being. Developed through extensive research, our purified whey extract is packed with a potent concentration of low molecular weight molecules, providing unparalleled support for immune cell communication.

Imagine a world where your body’s defenses are fortified and your overall health thrives. With Nu Skin Ai/E10, we’ve harnessed the power of antigen-infused whey extract. Inspired by the remarkable results of infusing pregnant cows with various antigens, our scientists discovered a breakthrough that offers similar benefits to humans.

Unlock the potential of additional low molecular weight molecules such as cytokines, lactoferrin, lysozymes, defensins, and disaccharides. Experience the transformative effects of immune system messengers like Interleukins, interferon, and memory transfer factors. Enhance immune cell communication with substances specifically formulated for optimal efficacy.

Elevate your well-being today with Nu Skin Ai/E10—the ultimate immune support for a healthier, more vibrant you.

  • Provides additional low molecular weight molecules including cytokines, lactoferrin, lysozymes, defensins, and disaccharides
  • Provides a concentrate of immune system messengers, including Interleukins, interferon, and other memory transfer factors
  • Provides substances involved in immune cell communication

  • The ultra-filtered extract provides a concentrate of low molecular weight immune molecules.

  • The immunoglobulins in bovine colostrum are the same as those found in raw milk and human milk.
  • Pasteurization destroys the undesirable bacteria in milk, but also denatures and inactivates the majority of the beneficial immunoglobulins and immune factors.
  • Numerous factors can weaken the human immune system including age, sickness, stress, alcohol consumption, and excess physical exertion.

Take one (1) capsule with liquid once daily.

Keep out of reach of children. Consult a physician prior to use if pregnant or lactating, or using prescription medication. Discontinue 2 weeks prior to and after surgery. Discontinue use and consult a physician if any adverse reactions occur. Do not use if safety seal is broken.

Nu Skin Ai/E10 is intended for adults interested in supporting healthy Immune cell communication.

Nu Skin Ai/E10 is a purified bovine whey extract that provides the body with a concentrate of low molecular weight molecules (fewer than 100,000 KDa), including lactoferrin, granulocytes, cytokines, disaccharides, and memory transfer factors.

Nu Skin Ai/E10 is an ultra-filtered bovine whey extract that provides a concentrate of low molecular weight molecules naturally found in bovine milk. Pharmanex Ai/E10 is filtered to completely remove large milk proteins, antibodies, and other higher-molecular weight molecules naturally found in the bovine milk. Ai/E10 utilizes a proprietary application technology that concentrates the level of low molecular weight molecules that are naturally present in bovine whey (under 100,000KDa).

Each capsule of Nu Skin Ai/E10 provides 100 mg of purified bovine whey extract.

Pharmanex Ai/E10 production begins with a privately managed herd of dairy cows. This herd is carefully controlled to avoid exposure to antibiotics, hormones, and bovine protein. Just prior to birth, pregnant cows undergo a proprietary process to help the cow produce a number of natural immune cells that will be transferred through the milk to the young calf. After birth, the excess milk is collected, separated, sterilized, filtered (dialyzed), and freeze-dried (lyophilized). Ultrafiltration is accomplished through dialysis, allowing the passage of only molecules less than 100,000 KiloDaltons (KDa). This process eliminates antibodies, large milk proteins, and other higher molecular weight substances, leaving lower molecular weight molecules that function as messenger molecules in the immune system.

A majority of these low molecular weight molecules found in this product are involved in immune cell communication including cytokines, interleukins, and interferon. These messenger molecules are produced by the cow in response to a proprietary technology and are readily excreted into the milk. Consumption of Nu Skin Ai/E10 has been shown to confer immunomodulatory benefits to both animals and humans.*

When functioning properly, the immune system is a formidable defense mechanism essential to maintaining optimal health. Normal immune function is affected by three primary factors: stress, inadequate nutrient intake, and exposure to environmental pollutants and toxins. The introduction of these factors to the immune system can overload important communication pathways between immune cells. Communication between immune cells is accomplished through a number of low molecular weight molecules that are naturally present in our immune system.

The benefits of Nu Skin Ai/E10 have been explored in preliminary animal and clinical studies