Size: 2 x 750 ml


JVi Nu Skin is a delicious beverage with 12 fruits and vegetables. Packed with carotenoids and vitamin C, it enhances your immune system, protects your skin, and optimizes oxidative protection. Embrace a healthier lifestyle with JVi—the perfect choice for those seeking a convenient, nutritious ally. Experience the benefits and savor the joy of life with JVi!

JVi – Joie de Vivre

Experience the remarkable taste and benefits of JVi Nu Skin, a sensational beverage crafted from a blend of 12 carefully selected fruits and vegetables.

This vibrant orange elixir, enriched with carotenoids and vitamin C, offers a delightful indulgence for your taste buds while optimizing your immune system, protecting your skin, and promoting overall well-being. JVi is your ally in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, seamlessly fitting into your routine of exercise and a balanced diet.

Let the flavors of Europe’s finest produce, combined with the power of wolfberry, sea buckthorn, and acerola, take you on a journey of deliciousness and vitality. Whether you’re enjoying warm sunny days or seeking an immunity boost during colder seasons, JVi is here to uplift your senses and nourish your body. Elevate your life with JVi and discover the true joy of living.

Living a healthy lifestyle revolves around regular exercise and a varied, balanced diet. We see this term a lot, but it isn’t always clear what it means. Essentially, it should include macronutrients – fats, proteins, and carbohydrates – and micronutrients – vitamins and minerals – to meet our daily nutritional needs. The products in our Nutritional range are designed to complement vitamins, minerals, and other substances. Together with exercise and a balanced diet, this can help you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Throughout the year, we all love to feel the warm caress of the sun on our skin and share these enjoyable moments with family and friends, especially when seasonal food and fresh drinks are involved. JVi fits right in, serving as the perfect tasty summer refreshment alongside the many other advantages it offers.

Pharmanex JVi contains vitamin C, which helps your skin maintain normal collagen formation for the normal function of the skin. Collagen is an important protein and a structural component of the skin, a crucial part of our body. That’s why we must take good care of it. Some of its many roles include:

  • Protection: reduction of the harmful effects of excessive UV radiation, protection against chemicals, mechanical impact, etc.
  • Maintaining and regulating body temperature
  • Playing a key role in the production of vitamin D
  • Sensation: due to an extensive network of nerve cells which detect and relay changes in the environment.

JVi also contains carotenoids.

In this product, tomato concentrate and carrot juice provide natural red pigments also known as carotenoids. These carotenoids are responsible for the bright colors of some fruits and vegetables.

JVi contains vitamin C, which helps our immunity

The human body is well developed to take care of itself, largely thanks to its immune system. During winter, however, our natural defences can sometimes use some help, which is where Pharmanex JVi comes in. The fruits contained in JVi guarantee a natural source of vitamin C, useful in helping the normal function of the immune system,

JVi contains vitamin C that helps protect cells from oxidative stress

Certain molecules in our bodies, such as DNA, proteins, and lipids, can often be exposed to other, more unstable molecules known as reactive free radicals. Originating through both our own biochemical processes and because of exposure to environmental factors such as excessive stress, smoke and air pollution, these reactive free radicals cause oxidative stress. Some fruits and vegetables are recognised as good sources of vitamin C, which is also present in JVi Nu Skin and helps protect healthy cells from oxidative stress.

  • Carrot juice concentrate
  • White grape juice concentrate
  • Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) paste
  • Sea buckthorn (H.rhamnoides ) juice
  • Pear juice concentrate
  • Apple juice concentrate
  • Acerola (M. glabra) juice
  • Watermelon juice concentrate
  • Virgin olive oil
  • Red grape juice concentrate
  • Wolferry (L. barbarum) juice concentrate
  • Mango pure concentrate

JVi can be enjoyed by the whole family: adults and children aged 6 and above.

Drink 60 ml with morning and evening meals. Shake well before use.

Water; Juice from concentrate: White grape (5%), Carrot (5%), Sea buckthorn berry, Tomato (4%), Pear (4%), Apple, Acerola, Watermelon, Red grape, Wolfberry (1%), Mango; Olive oil; Natural flavouring; Acidity regulator (Citric acid); Thickeners (Pectin, Xanthan gum); Preservative (Sodium benzoate).

Keep away from heat, humidity and light. Refrigerate up to 14 days after opening. For adults and children aged 6 years old and above. Do not use if screw cap is broken, damaged or missing.

Manufactured in the U.S.A.